It is one thing to want to help people and change the world, but it is another thing to do it using your skills. Many heroines exist today, and we always want to celebrate them because from whichever position they occupy in the world, their passion drives them to want to make fellow women live better lives.  

Nikita-Aliyah Mgoduka is a 25-year-old strong-willed young woman born in Chatsworth, KZN, raised by her grandmother. 

She is one bright and goal-oriented woman whose story you want to explore. She turned the reason to give up on the reason to live. As a model and dancer, she is more than just a pretty face or an entertainment figure. Many would expect that living in the orphanage after the demise of her parents would make her live a more quiet and less driven life, but she took in another message and did kind things for others who have passed through what she had experienced. 

Having experienced what some children go through because they have no support, legal documents, legal parents and basic needs, she sought to help children gain these things, and her goal led her to set up various projects. 

The Woman of the Story

Nikita-Aliyah Mgoduka is Ms Africa Continental Finalist 2021, a model, trainer, and dancer. She studied Versatile Broadcasting at Walter Sisulu University and public administration at the University of Forthare. Nikita-Aliyah took on Business and Entrepreneurship with Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Professional Development with Fit Program Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. She is also a motivational speaker who sometimes stands in as a Make-up artist in fashion shows and other events. 

The Push

“I ended up in the orphanage after losing my parents. I still worked very hard to make my dreams come true, I wanted nothing but success in modelling and arts industry”…Nikita-Aliyah Mgoduka.

From a very young age, Ms Nikita already knew what she wanted to become and did not let it sit as a childhood fantasy. She started displaying her modelling skills right as a kid at church. It would seem that this dream would be cut short when her parents died, and she lived in the orphanage without support, but her resilience made the healing come faster, and she could overcome the despair she was plunged into. 

As a fan of always starting her dream wherever and whenever she finds herself, she did not wait for support; instead, she began by gathering her age mates and younger ones to pretend that they were on TV singing and dancing.

She is a learner who also loves to teach all she has learned. Her experiences made her yearn to help other kids around her. This birthed the dream to own schools, academies, and orphanages to help children learn skills that can help them survive and overcome their circumstances rather than sitting and waiting for support that might never come.  

How she pushed out the dream 

She helps many girl children find their dreams, and she does this through this academy she started. Nikita-Aliyah grew stronger out of her childhood circumstances and founded an academy within the Modeling and Arts sector with initiatives established to help youth develop their skills while learning to be independent. This academy is known as “Aliyah Modesty Models School of Modeling and Arts” in South Africa. It is an actualization of her dream to own an academy where she can teach young children to stand for themselves using what they know rather than waiting for support. 

Nikita-Aliyah did not go too far to seek what to teach the ladies; she used her skills. She believed that if she could use it to get this far, others could, and she wastes no time making sure they learn it and become powerful women. 

She visits orphanages, schools, and communities to encourage the youth not to be brought down by circumstances but be the one who rises and shine as the higher one goes, the colder it becomes and more lonely, so rather than sitting and feeling sorry, stand up firmly and stand out.

How far she has come

At 10, she won the Best Debator and Certificate of Excellence Award during the Regional Schools Debate in 2006. At 16, she won the 1st Princess in the Regional Beauty Pageant and Girls Award, Orphans Advocate in Ikwezi during Social Development and Take a Girl Child to work Initiative (2012/2013). 

She was recognized as the youngest employee in the Department of Social Development from 2015 to 2020. As the Only Young Woman, she has walked with 4 Young Men for 18 Days from Johannesburg to Ethekwini raising funds for underprivileged children, girls and families in 2019, November to December. 

Nikita-Aliyah successfully Launched SheStillStands & SheChangesEverything Red Theme Women and Girls Empowerment and Aliyah Modesty Models School of Modeling and Arts, which has been in operation for five years. In 2018, at age 22, she represented South Africa as the only youngest person and woman in the Global Forum in Riyadh, which is basically for leaders. She is recognized as the Top Achiever in the Space of Sport, Recreation, Arts & Culture at the Mayoral Top Achievers Breakfast.

Recently, she launched the Domestic Workers Initiative and placed over 10 Domestic and General Workers. She has previously placed youth in various International Fashion Shows in Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape, Steve Biko Centre Aware.Org Event, Kwazulu-Natal Africa for Africa International Women’s Conference and Fashion Show. She successfully conducted the Miss Buffalo City High Schools Beauty Pageant and TalentShowcase. 

In 2020, she was scouted by International Talent Scout to perform in Miami, Florida, USA. She represented South Africa 2020 during a virtual International Youth Model United Nations under the Importance of the Introduction of Vaccination. She has advertised for TwinSaver, Legit, Treasures of India and featured in many magazines and media houses.

She is an International Inspirational Speaker under WeSpeak Conference Speakers International. Nikita-Aliyah has worked with AKTIVORA Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Detergent Company, Thermometers and African Supplying Company, Angelic Designs, Thomas Perfumes, Wiggy Wash Hairsprays, Chesa Nyama and Nicks Food Spar Ackermans. 

The Message

As women, we should help each other rise, and we do not have to wait for some miracle to happen. The miracles that the world should experience lie with us. The skills you have can change lives and build a world of great independent women. Let’s stand together, wearing our heroine capes and helping people live better lives using what we have and what we know.

Written By: Joyce C. Nwezeh Obi-Akejelu (Writer, Social media manager and graphic designer with Africa4AfricaWomen/Assert/PAWES).


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