Tapuwanashe Allin Manyange: Modelling into Agriculture

Life is filled with various aspects that one can explore, and if you do not limit yourself, you can taste the many sides of life. There is absolutely nothing you cannot do when you put your mind to it.

Coming from being an award-winning model, Ms Tapuwanashe Allin Manyange delved fully into agriculture.

Ms Tapuwanshe Manyange is a model who took the chance to explore her entrepreneurial and agricultural passion. She represented Zimbabwe and won Miss Goodwill Lumiere Intl World 2019 in Malaysia.

She is the founder of the Imbokodo Meat and Veggies, where she does horticulture and poultry farming. Her agricultural activities have been very successful as she even has two more farm branches and has gone on to add value to some of her farm products by opening a restaurant where she grills chickens from her fowl runs, fresh chips from her farm, etc

The force behind the push

Going into agriculture was sort of an exciting thought for Ms Manyange, and when she finally decided, it was one of no return, no regrets. Being young, she felt the need to explore several factors, as she had the energy and creativity that she could rightfully channel into enforcing a good change in society.

After engaging in Agriculture for a while, Ms Manyange believed that it is a business that women and youths on social media should duly promote. Doing this would bring further reach, and more people would want to do agriculture to solve the problem of food insecurity in society. In this century, social media is used to market ideologies to people, and Ms Manyange feels ‌if people on social media can sell even inappropriate things, then why not agriculture as it brings lots of security with it?

Part of her motivation includes employment creation and SDG2.

Her Archive of Achievements

As a model, Ms Manyange became Miss Goodwill Lumiere Intl Word 2019 in Malaysia, 3rd Runner up Miss Ambassador for Peace Africa 2019 in Nigeria, Ms Zimbabwe United Nations 2019, Ms Africa Continental 2019 2nd Runner up in South Africa, Miss Legacy Zimbabwe 2019, Miss Eco Environment Zimbabwe 2019, Miss Summer Victoria Falls 2018.

Outstanding Youth in Social Responsibility Award 2020 (TAPUWANASHE ALLIN FOUNDATION TRUST) through the 4H Foundation and Ministry of Youth, Sports and Recreation Zimbabwe. Best Petite Model 2019 through the Zimbabwe Models Awards.

She does not only do farming but also revels in several other businesses such as her Classy and Elegant Bridal Store, Tapuwanashe Allin Foundation Trust, Grill O’Clock. Her organisation, Tapuwanashe Allin Foundation Trust, is invested in creating awareness about menstrual hygiene as they also make available reusable sanitary pads for women living in underprivileged places.

As a Global Peace Ambassador, she identifies as a peacekeeper and propagates human rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She believes that when more people decide to go into agriculture; the SDG aim to relieve hunger will gradually take hold. To Ms Manyange, there will be peace when there is food security.

Taking empowerment as a personal task, she reaches out to youths and women alike. Her passion has helped her overcome the limits youths face when going into agriculture. In an interview she once had, she mentioned that to go far, one needs motivation and push from within. When you do not wait to be prompted before you take action, you will accomplish a lot of things.

Limits are only placed on us, by us, and as individuals, we should not hesitate to work on our ideas while aiming to accomplish incredible feats. By exploring our beliefs, goals and dreams, we can make the world a better place, not just for us but for others.

Written By: Joyce C. Nwezeh Obi-Akejelu (Writer, Social media manager and graphic designer with Africa4AfricaWomen/Assert/PAWES).


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