SErvice offering

Discover our full list of service to help your business grow to its full potential.

What we do

Our mandate is to assist members in complying with regulations as well as the adoption and successful implementation of industry standards and best practices.

Our Services

Business Services

Business Plans/ CV`s/General Administrative Assistance


Funding Applications/ Sent/Receiving of emails.

Additional Services

IOD Assistance (Compensation Fund)/ Surplus Money Tracing/ Online UIF Claims/ Pension Fund Withdrawl assistance/ Provident Fund withdrawl Assistance/ IOD Assistance (Compensation Fund/ Municipal Debt write-off deceased accounts.

Declarations & Clearances

UIF Declarations (employee)/Tax Returns (Personal)/ Tax Clearance


CIDB Registration/LOGS (Coida Registration)/ CSD Registration/ NHBRC Registrations/ Company Registrations


Company Profiles/ Company Logo`s/ Company Letterheads/ Business Cards.

Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites on WordPress

remain responsive across devices

SEO/Website /Social Media/ E-commerce development/NGO specific websites/Content creation/Google ad creation/Social media ad Campaign and management/Website Tracking and tagging/Analytics and Reporting

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