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Africa for Africa Women’s Conference is a membership driven organization whose vision is to unite women of Africa towards sustainable growth and development of the African Continent with women taking the centre stage. Through our multistakeholder forum , Women of Africa Arise Forum we offer four types of membership: original, associate, corporate and premium.

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Original Member
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Associate Member

For individual or Organization with less than 20 Members

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Corporate Member

Organization with 20-100 members/employees

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Premium Member

Organisation with +100 members/employees

Membership Benefits

Build Strong Networks.
Explore Opportunities
Growth & development

Membership Benefits

    •  Training and Development through structure webinars
    • Business opportunities
    • Discounted rate to all our flagship conferences
    • Speaking opportunities
    • Access to a global network of game changers across Africa and the diaspora   
    • Access to job opportunities
    • Marketing of own business on our website
    • Product listing on E-Commerce
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