Arise African Queens



Arise African Queens

1-4 September 2023

This inaugural three -day retreat for WAA Women and its members and the Community at Large  This event seeks to re-root us women and to demystify what it means to be a true Leader in the face of many gender biases and in a world where Tradition is not given a voice and platform for us to understand our roots. For if we do not know where we are coming from how can we as women know where we are going.  We will have our esteemed WAA Royal Family from South Africa, Nigeria and DRC to lead the conversation to teach us and impart Wisdom

Africa is a patchwork quilt of economic growth, democratic wins and losses, cultural diversity, conflict, rapid urbanization, leapfrog technologies, and vibrant civil society. It is against this backdrop that the AFRICAN QUEENS CONFERENCE&

RECOGNITION AND AWARDS NIGHT, will be taking place on from 9-12 September 2023 and will assemble local and international leaders to weave their leadership strategies into the continent’s development story.

Focus Area:

• Breaking down stereo types • What does it take to be a Female Traditional Leader • How can we as women support our Traditional Leaders whilst creating safe spaces for our Community • How can Traditional Leadership Influence Policy Makers • What is the future of Traditional Leadership • Smart Villages- How to keep up with the times but to also preserve our traditions and eco-system

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