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Oct 02
Nancy Matimu: Business Manager with a flair for magical company growth

When any business is handed over to management, the expected result is significant…

Sep 25
Raising our voices against a common enemy with no borders

Ms Hilda Flavia Nakabuye is a Climate Rights Activist from Uganda.

Sep 18
Rabia Ben Barka: Introducing the World to What Fashion looks like in Libya 

Ms Rabia is the first designer in Libya to make traditional Libyan wear into modern…

Sep 11
Redefining who the woman should be (A woman should not be defined by marriage and children)

It is a massive deal for African women to be entrepreneurs as they have to combine…

Sep 04
Creating and Developing Global and Futuristic Fashion Brands

Recently, the energetic youths of Africa keep bringing back proud highlights to Africa.

Aug 28
The Beauty and Business Networker

Renee Knorr is a perfect example of one who uses her talent to make a difference.

Aug 21
Making Comfortable Space for herself in the Male-dominated Industry

There used to be great underrepresentation of women in society but it is changing of late.

Aug 14
The Gift of Activists (Wanjira Mathai)

In a world with severe climate change issues, it is great to see people standing up to…

Aug 07

"Being a feminist to me is not a label but a lifestyle"...Delphine Serumaga

Aug 04
Tapuwanashe Allin Manyange: Modelling into Agriculture

A model who explored her entrepreneurial and agricultural passion.