Nancy Matimu: Business Manager with a flair for magical company growth

When any business is handed over to management, the expected result is significant growth on every level. That exactly is what Ms Nancy Matimu delivers with lots of toppings to the job.

For a company like MultiChoice, staying on top of the ladder would be a top priority, and as a service that deals with people indulgences, the management would not be top-notch. They handle the satellite broadcast of several channels to people across Africa. In Kenya, this enterprise is specially managed by the Managing Director, Ms Nancy Matimu, noted as the first woman to occupy this position.

Ms Matimu is indeed a gem, shining with several experiences under her belt as she has worked for top companies such as SPS, Telerosa, ICN Toshiba, Insight Technologies, Serrari, Mastercard, Safaricom, Airtel Africa, iWayAfrica, ECL and HF Group. Under her leadership, most of these companies could gain wider reach across Africa. She manages various companies with tons of skill sets like business analysis, marketing, communications and many others.

She is reputed to have generated more revenue for Airtel, double the initial value. At HF Group, she helped with excellent customer acquisition and helped launch several new products like digital banking services and all these led to tons of profits. Working at Mastercard, she could increase their revenue.

Currently, she is a board member of the KCA University in Nigeria. Her record for success is fast revealing itself at MultiChoice, Kenya, where she is now the Managing Director. With her at the forefront, GoTV and DSTV are set to break unimaginable records with her at the forefront. Ms Matimu is also a woman who refuses to succumb to situational limitations.

She was appointed to be the Managing Director of MultiChoice Africa during the pandemic period. Still, she did not despair but ‌took it upon herself to ensure continuous growth and valuable partnerships were in place.

Ms Nancy is the perfect example of how resilient a woman can be, and she always shows how much one woman can bring about change. With an endless streak of success, she continuously makes her point to the world.

For young women, she is a model. For managers, she is a senior to learn from and to companies. She is a unique profit-filled gift that would ‌benefit them. This helps us realise that wherever we find ourselves, we should deliver our best as it shines a beacon of light not just on us but also on many people.

Written By: Joyce C. Nwezeh Obi-Akejelu (Writer, Social media manager and graphic designer with Africa4AfricaWomen/Assert/PAWES).


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