Making Everything WOMAN: Delivering Empowerment with Cabs

Imagine opening a string of businesses, and everything just had to be for women, or they would be nothing. That is the major goal of Ms Patricia Nzolantima, a business guru with the mind of finding strings of businesses for women.

Women have been limited for some time, and many of them are unable to fulfil their goals or find gainful employment in society, and this is something that women like Ms Patricia aim to solve.

First-class entrepreneur Patricia Nzolantima is an entrepreneur and women empowerment legend. She founded Bizzoly Holding, a women-owned company and co-founded the EXP-Comin-cart.

Delivering Women’s Empowerment in Several Doses

Ms Nzolantima is also the founder of the first women’s economic empowerment hub in Kinshasa, which helps women grow their businesses. She is the brain behind Bizzoly Transportation of Logistics, operating under Ubzicabs as the first taxi company for female drivers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This establishment also targets making the lives of other residents better by allowing them access to modern technology, loans and value chain services for retailers and wholesalers.

Before establishing the female-driven taxi company, she first launched the first female driving school where women were taught all the essential basics of driving. Her brand, Bizzoly Brands, is also tagged for working ladies and produces valuable products for ladies.

She was instrumental in launching the first women’s visa prepaid card in the Congo so that women could run their businesses effectively, and in 2020, she helped launch the first digital bank for women.

Continuous Record-Breaking

Ms Patricia Nzolantima is a woman with a huge liking for record-breaking as she continues to run a lot of activities as the first woman. She has amassed several accolades, like being the first woman in DRC to participate in the Young African Leaders and Mandela Fellowship. She has attended a series of summits, conferences, and initiatives worldwide. Vlisco gave her the “Woman of the Year” award in 2013 and Forbes Afrique acknowledged her in the list of the top 100 African Economic Leaders of Tomorrow in 2018. Choiseul Institute also listed her as one of the 100 Africa Economic Leaders of Tomorrow Under 40 for four years. In recent years, she still amasses a series of awards.

Her educational background is also not lacking as she holds a Master’s degree in Law and other Master degrees in English, Business and Marketing Management. She is also a recipient of many other diplomas and MBA. Ms Nzolantima is a member of the Harvard University Center for African Studies (CAS) Leadership Council, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), the first female member of YPO Congo, Board member of YPO Congo and YPO People Action Network and Women’s Business Network.  She has studied business on a massive scale while juggling the roles of public speaker and author.

Though Ms Patricia Nzolantima is a woman all in for women’s empowerment, she does not neglect the need for diversity. She fully practised women’s inclusion by solving the general unemployment issues, and her workforce is made up of 80% women and 20% men.

Starting as someone selling cakes and waffles, she refused to give up, and though there were many rejections, she stood her ground and continued pursuing women’s empowerment. Her drive lies in the fact that when women receive money, they impact their children and invest in health and other good things which means good for society. She is still moving forward and creating development as her goal remains endless.

Ms Nzolantima aims to give women hope and make them believe that they can accomplish numerous things. She does this by doing many things which women have never been seen doing, and this is the true definition of women empowerment – empowering women through your actions. When women hold the fort, other women are encouraged to rise and stand against the tide. Women should employ all methods to empower each other to change their lives and the nation.

Written By: Joyce C. Nwezeh Obi-Akejelu (Writer, Social media manager and graphic designer with Africa4AfricaWomen/Assert/PAWES).


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