Impact Sourcing

We create digital jobs for women and youth living in rural areas. Using technology to create equal opportunities.

Creating Digital Jobs for women living in Rural Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a viable Impact Sourcing model that can be scaled to be implemented throughout Africa. This business will improve the quality of life of those living in rural areas by providing increasing access to education and employment opportunities.

Benefits of Impact Sourcing

Social Benefits

Rural BPO will provide more local job opportunities and raise rural dwellers income and discourage migration to cities. We will provide jobs particularly to women thereby increasing household incomes, improving rural living standards and encouraging rural livelihoods.

Education and Training Benefits:

All employees will undergo basic computer skills such as typing, English improvement lessons and general business knowledge and behaviour. After 1 year employees will become eligible for a scholarship to complete their tertiary education

Improving Living Standards

An increase per capita income will improve rural people’s standard of living. Rural people will have an increase in access to education, health care and entertainment.

Rural towns will benefit by having its infrastructure improved, which includes electricity, roads and telecommunication.

Current Projects

Kareedouw, Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape

We decided to start our first centre in Kareedouw in the Easter Cape, a small town with a population of around 5 000 people. Kareedouw is well connected via Road, has internet connectivity and an

unemployment rate of 70%. We intend building a 100 seat contact centre creating

simple data work for disadvantaged women between the ages of 18 and 30 with a

minimum of a matric qualification. We intend keeping our centres smaller than 150

as a bigger centre will require superior infrastructure and more managerial

hierarchy, making operations more complex.


• Number of Operators to be employed 100

• Annual salary of each Operator: R 38,200

NGO Partner Model

A key success factor is, to partner with a suitable NGO in the area. Our aim is to partner on the basis of assisting them with training of potential employees and creating work for Kareedouw residence using our impact sourcing model.


Choosing future locations will be driven by our customer requirements. Ideally centres will be located in small rural towns with a population of less than 60 000 where there is adequate road or rail connection, that has electricity and internet connectivity. The work that will be carried out in these centres will be rule based transaction processing or basic data work. High end analytics, decision based work and voice support will be kept out of scope. Each centre will have between 100 to 150 seats as going beyond this amount would require more superior infrastructure and more managerial

hierarchy, which will just add more complexity to our operations.

Impact Sourcing Market Development

Stage 1- Basic Skills Training

The learning is generic to the world of administration and customer service, including the life skills, communication, maths and technical skills required to be

work-ready for the BPS industry.

Stage 2 – Basic Skills Training and BPO Training

Employees will be trained on marketable data management and data capture work.

Stage 3 –  Establish BPO Operations Centre in Rural Area.

Setting up of centre operations, technology, office furniture, software and equipment

Stage 4 – Scale and Replicate

With the success of the Impact Sourcing Model, the BPO will be replicated in other regions of Africa. Franchise opportunities will be offered to successful candidates who have completed  the programme. In this way we will take the applicant from being unskilled and unemployed to skilled and educated and and given the opportunity to own their own business.


Our Services

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