Arise African Queens Conference – Zimbabwe (1-4, September 2023).

We are giving a voice to our traditions. What do you think about revisiting our traditional leaderships and what they still hold for us? They still exist and we believe they still have something for us. You don’t want to miss this event.

At Arise Queens 2023, we will be demystifying leadership in the face of gender biases by seeking to give tradition a voice and a platform to help us and others understand our origins and legacy. Royal families across Africa will be present for this event to help you understand just what you’ve been missing on the traditional side of things.

Arise African Queens Conference

About The Event

The Arise Queens Conference is a three-day retreat for the Women of Africa Arise (WAA) crew and its members, including the community at large, to help each other realise where we are coming from and where we are going.

Our Focus For The Event

…Breaking down stereotypes
…What does it take to be a Female Traditional Leader?
…How can we as women support our Traditional Leaders whilst creating safe spaces for our community?
…How can Traditional Leadership Influence Policy Makers?
…What is the future of Traditional Leadership?
…Smart Villages- How to keep up with the times and preserve our traditions and eco-system.

Happening where and what will take place?

This conference will be taking place from the 1st to the 4th of September, 2023 at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This is an opportunity for leaders to gather and discuss leadership strategies on the continent as well as development. There will also be an African-hosted awards night where great African minds will gather to bring about the growth and development of the African woman.

Our conference is threefold. Let’s tell you more.

We aim:
…To open minds and inspire out-of-the-box thinking regarding Traditional Leadership in Africa.
…To create a safe platform for debate and informed exchange of ideas on a number of topics, including African politics, economics, education, and social problems.
…To encourage collective problem-solving of some of the continent’s most critical challenges and maximise Africa’s competitive advantage.

How can I participate?

To partake in this conference, you can either be a sponsor or partner,

1. Platinum -Anchor Sponsor / Strategic Partner: USD 35,000.00 (R500,000).

  • Sector Exclusivity, Branding in all marketing material
  • Media Interviews
  • 2 Complimentary tables at the event
  • Logo & Acknowledgement on the program

2. Gold –USD17,000.00 (R250,000)

  • Sector exclusivity
  • Branding in all marketing material
  • 1 complimentary table at the event
  • Logo & Acknowledgement on the program

3. Silver –USD6500 ( R100,000)

  • 5 Complimentary seats at the event
  • One Banner at the event
  • Logo & Acknowledgement on the program

4. Bronze – USD3500 (R50,000)

  • 2 Complimentary seats at the event
  • Special mention at the event
  • Logo & Acknowledgement on the program

Event Highlights

  • Traditional Songs and Drumming
  • Afternoon tea
  • Networking
  • Fireside Chat and Cultural Music and dance
  • Organized Tour and lunch on the go
  • Honoring our Royal Queens and Princess present and Africa Fashion Show by local designers

Addresses and topics:

  • Celebrate our culture and traditions – The role of Queens in nation building: HRH Princess Gabo
  • The Voice of the Royalties on Food Security and Landownership
  • Women in traditional leadership
  • A critical comparison between African and European kingdoms and the position women occupy
  • Repositioning African women Royalties to their rightful place
  • Building the African States, country by country with women playing a central role
  • United African Women Royalties in partnership towards sustainable development and growth of the ordinary African Women
  • Smart Village concept, an ecosystem for growth and wealth creation

You should be a part of this. Check here to register.


Talk To Us

Angeline Mhlanga, +27 81 353 1051

Bea Hackula, +27 82 780 1344


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