About Us

We are a Registered NGO, with over a decade experience, focused on women empowerment that is designed to intensify Women Leadership Development, Coaching and Mentorship through a number of our flagship programs and events, focused on mobilizing towards the realization of SDG 5 and women’s inclusion in strategic decision-making positions. The case study approach of our Summits guarantees the participants concrete take home lessons that can be replicated at a personal and organization level.


Poverty eradication through Leadership Development and Economic Empowerment 


 “United Women of Africa towards sustainable economic emancipation”.

Focus Areas

To facilitate women leadership development by promoting economic inclusion through capacity building & new venture creation.

Founders Note

For Africa to occupy its rightful position globally, Africa needs more Transformational leaders in all spheres across the continent. To drive the necessary innovation in both public and private sector organizations, transformational leadership approach and transformative culture is the only way Africa can realize the change at individual and organizational level and this will have a direct impact on the social systems.


Through transformational leadership valuable, positive change can be realised and more authentic African leaders will emerge. As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of African Women’s Day, at this 4th Annual Pan African Transformational Leadership Summit we will be recognising and celebration men and women who through their authentic transformational leadership have made a difference towards women emancipation and iconic women leaders who have done wonders to grow their organizations and/or introduced innovative ideas and program that has set foundation for many to follow. These are role models who are inspirational in many ways, to their followers and on lookers. These leaders have managed throughout their leadership to transcend self-interest for the good of the organisation, with a clear vision; setting a positive example; communicating high performance expectations; and providing intellectual stimulation for others to follow. One thing common amongst these trendsetters is perseverance, passion, and purpose. Consistency in excellence is what sets them apart from the rest.


Yours in Excellence


Bea Hackula

President of Africa for Africa Women’s Conference

Women of Africa Arise Forum

Africa 4 Africa Women Empowerment is a membership driven organization whose vision is to unite women of Africa towards sustainable growth and development of the African Continent with women taking the centre stage.

There are four types of membership: original, associate, corporate and premium. 


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