Game Changer

Bea Hackula Chairmans Address

As we wrap up 2021, entering into 2022, the world needs game-changers now more than ever before. Big picture thinkers, innovators, risk takers and influencers are the kind of leaders we need to take us out of the sorrowful and help‐ less situation created by the two years of the COVID 19 pandemic. To restore, recreate and rebuild the world, we need to turn things upside down in an un‐ usual way and change the game as we assert our‐ selves for greater prospects for 2022 and beyond.

Game changers bring significant shifts in the cur‐ rent way of doing or thinking. Innovation and creativity drive their daily lives. These are purpose driven individuals, who are self-aware. Their greatest attribute and contribution in life is their ability to know, grow and express themselves for the good of others. Because of their sensitivity to others’ feelings, they able to bring change with ease as they always put themselves in the next person’s shoes in order to bring about change with great intelligence of what is needed. Customer is king is their motto hence they apply market-intelligence in every move they take.

Game changers have their ah-ha moments where they see something others don’t, a transformational magic that takes organisations from ordinary to exceptional. These are the exceptional women we are celebrating in this issue which borders the end of one year and the beginning of a new year. They are transformational – everywhere they go they cause impactful change and scalable solutions which offer hope for the future. Like most of the women we are celebrating in this issue, true game changers are built with velocity and sustainability in mind. The best thing about real game changers is they build upon themselves to catalyse other accretive opportunities – their power lies within.


  • Perpetue Robert
    February 26, 2022 at 10:30 am

    In deed, we build upon ourselves to create opportunities. I exciting to meet you in the PanAfrican next month

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